Sep. 5th, 2011


Sep. 5th, 2011 06:44 pm
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[day after this]

He'd taken the dog without consulting Logan and had gotten rid of it just the same. Loki was with a good home with someone who could give the dog more love and attention than Jack could, plus she wouldn't have to compete with any other dogs. It was a good deal and had made a boy happy.

Now all Jack had to worry about was if he was going to be Logan's next ex-husband. It had eaten at him all day, all night, every moment he wasn't throwing himself into work- and half the time when he was. End it. Jack acted like a bachelor...did he? Did he really? He had devoted himself to this marriage and to making it work. He adapted and changed and he knew Logan well enough that he could almost predict his moods. But sometimes those moods came out of left field and they left Jack reeling. Was he so wrong? Was he really so awful at this? Was he really just not cut out for being a husband? The longer he thought about it, the more he began to doubt himself. Maybe he was conning Logan, conning himself. Maybe it was the biggest lie he'd ever told, his insistence that he could actually be a better man. That he could be a husband and a father and something more than what he was. Maybe it was the biggest lie anyone had ever told. Maybe he hadn't really changed at all.

Or maybe he simply hadn't changed enough, or changed fast enough, and now Logan had reached the end of his rope. Jack couldn't say he was surprised. He'd been waiting for three years for Logan to wake up and realize that Jack was no prize. Hell, he wouldn't be the first person to leave...not vanish...actually leave him behind. The Time Agency had left him in the wind. The Doctor and Rose had gone of and left him behind.

Too many thoughts. Jack heaved a sigh and pulled off his shirt, sweating and filthy as he continued to work on the hut, their hut. He'd complete it no matter what. Make it ready for a baby.

Even if he wasn't around by the time the baby came.


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