Aug. 25th, 2011 02:16 pm
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Jack had his routine and he was sticking to it more rigidly than ever. Sunday morning dawned and he began to gather and sort laundry just like every week. He was quiet while Logan lay in bed and had it bagged up and ready to go, then he thought for a moment and went into the bedroom.

He looked at his husband and wished he could do something to help. Jack was good at fixing things but some things he simply couldn't fix. But Logan needed to get up, he thought. He needed to go on. So Jack laid down with him and kissed his forehead.

"Do you want to get up and come with me? Just to the compound. I can start the laundry and we can take a real shower and get some food we didn't have to cook. Come on. Come with me," he said quietly- and braced himself for a no. He just wanted to take care of Logan but he didn't know what to do.
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Jack still felt like such an idiot. How could he make such a simple error in his math? It was simple counting, it wasn't like equations to determine temporal travel across the galaxy. He'd sucked it up and everyone had let him off easy, but he still felt...stupid.

But he did have a gift for Logan and he had a light dinner in the refrigerator. Of course, before they did anything else, Jack needed to tidy up the house. There were still tiny shoes that lit up and small pairs of underpants and shorts strewn around. He'd planned a simple night with dinner, presents, and then dragging Logan to bed. Little boy clothes didn't exactly set the mood.

It wasn't until he'd tossed the last bit of little boy's clothing into the laundry bag that he remembered Logan had said something about Jack making up for his mistake. He wondered what his twenty-four year old husband had meant exactly.
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[After this]

Jack was normally so laid back. He didn't get upset the way Logan did, he didn't see anything wrong with having friends, caring about them, spending time with them. It was just natural to Jack to be social, to talk, to dance, to flirt a bit, to have...a life. He loved Logan and he did understand how the young man felt so passionately about him that it became jealousy. He wouldn't admit it but he genuinely liked that a little...knowing someone cared enough about him to be possessive. He'd been left behind and discarded so many times that it was good to feel...loved. Wanted.

Logan seemed to be under the mistaken impression that Jack didn't have the same feelings. He was just as possessive of his husband but he simply didn't show it in the same way. Most of the time he didn't need to. Logan wasn't exactly a social butterfly so Jack didn't have much reason to be jealous. He'd been jealous of Harry. God, had he been jealous. He'd been jealous of Veronica because of the history and the fact that he knew how Logan had loved her so much. He was even kind of jealous of Savannah. She looked like Lilly which was one damning detail...and she was carrying Logan's baby. Their baby- he always had to think that it would be Logan's and his, but she was...she was involved and Jack wondered just how Logan felt since he seemed to talk to the girl a lot.

And then there was Neil. Once again...there was history. There was love. Logan had assured Jack again and again that the past was the past and he knew, logically, that it was true and that he should accept it. Hell, he had a past and Logan didn't hold it against him. Okay, only kind of held it against him. But Neil...

Jack saw them out the window and overheard a bit. Heard Logan's warm and genuine invitation. Saw the way he looked at Neil. It sparked that rare jealousy and brought it to the surface. He had sense enough to stay out of it, but he was cleaning the bedroom, throwing things around and banging stuff far more than was necessary when Logan finally came in from sanding.


May. 24th, 2011 03:48 pm
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So much is happening I can finally write one of these and have something to say!

SotP )
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[ from here]

Jack knew Logan hadn't wanted to be there so when he said he'd see Jack at home, Jack let him go without protest. But with Logan gone it just wasn't as fun. Yes, there were drinks. And dances. And conversation. But it lost something when Jack couldn't look over and see Logan. He loved the way his husband looked at him.

It wasn't late when he begged off the party and headed home. He was tipsy but not drunk. Just buzzed enough to feel alive and...horny. Such a juvenile term, but that was it. The Hamlet was quiet and Jack crept along the path, remembering distinctly when Logan lived here a long time ago. When sneaking into his hut after a party was just part of what they did.

He wondered if he'd be able to get into bed with Logan and kiss him awake. He wasn't sure he could be that quiet. Hell, the dogs would probably give him away.


Feb. 25th, 2011 02:29 pm
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Jack woke slowly to the sound of surf, to sun and sand. He wondered how he'd gotten to the beach and thought perhaps he was in dino territory. That sort of thing happened from time to time and he wouldn't have been terribly surprised.

But he sat up and looked around and noticed the great city rising in the distance on the spit that jutted out into the sand. The beach before them was wide and bright in the morning sun. It all looked so peaceful on the surface but Jack could see tell tale signs. The scorch marks on the bright white arcology, the pits in the sand from artillery. He was home. The was Boeshane and he was home. And not just that, he was home during the war. He wondered what year it was. 5090 91? Probably around then. The war had been going on for a while and would continue for years from now.

He looked the other way and saw Logan in the scrub on a dune a bit down the beach. The fact that they were out in the open chilled Jack to the bone. They needed to get over the dune and down into the ravine. They needed to sneak into the city and take refuge there.

But then Jack heard the sounds of a battle not far off and he knew what danger they were truly in. The invaders might bypass the battle and come this far up the beach. Jack scrambled over to Logan and grabbed him to shake him awake. They didn't have time for Logan to wake up gently.

"We need to go now," Jack said. "Come on, Logan. We have to get out of the open."

He'd explain why as soon as they were safe.


Feb. 7th, 2011 11:38 pm
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It was late. The club was closed and he knew Logan would be asleep. Jack took the last of one of the bottles, just enough to get a buzz, and he took the long way home so he'd go past New Atlantis. He went to Daniel's first and knocked on the door. If he didn't get an answer he'd try Vala's but he hoped Daniel was home. He really just needed some time with his friend. Things were so...he didn't even know. He needed a sympathetic ear and someone who wasn't invested in things.

It was just so involved. Jack was trying so hard to devote more time to his marriage. He was off the ITF for a couple more weeks, he had cut his time at the club, he was giving Logan his undivided attention, and there was the council. Jack had thought long and hard and had decided what he really wanted to do was take off for a few days. Just head into the forest and get his head right. But that wasn't a real option so his next best (and probably wiser) choice was to call on his friend and get some council. Or at least get a little drunk.


Dec. 2nd, 2010 01:08 am
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Right on schedule. The morning after the party found Logan and Jack in a super plush bed, extra wide and soft with heaps of blankets on them. The pillows were big and squishy and they'd each found a candy cane in their grasp when they awoke.

After exploring a bit, finding boxes and boxes of decorating supplies and some already put up, they decided to skip breakfast and just have some coffee. That meant they had time to grab some interesting snow clothing and go outside. Jack immediately began to roll a ball for a snowman.

"Hey, we need some charcoal for a face," he said, not looking at Logan. He was too busy trying to craft a sphere using mittens and force.


Nov. 19th, 2010 06:48 pm
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Jack was careful and slow, though it was more so he could enjoy unwrapping Logan than taking care fo his knees and ankle. Once Logan was stripped, Jack laid him down and followed him down. He quit fooling around and caressed Logan while leaning in to kiss him.

"Totally taking advantage of you," he said against his husband's skin.
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Jack Harkness Council Nomination Bid Nov 2010


Oct. 20th, 2010 10:37 pm
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"You like when I get creative?" he asked, brushing his lips down Logan's throat. "I could get creative. You take off your clothes and I'll get creative."

Not that he had anything in mind...but something would come to him. When he had Logan naked, something always came to him.


Sep. 14th, 2010 01:35 pm
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[after this]

The day had gone okay, Jack had talked to some people, taken a trip to the waterfall, come back and had coffee, and now it was time to find somewhere to sleep. Jack walked with Logan and was keenly aware the younger man was upset. He could almost taste it/ THe tension grew as they made their way to the Hidden Hamlet to settle down for the night. Each of them carried a bag and some bedding and Jack figured it would be more than enough to crash at Joe's for a while.

"Logan, what's the matter," Jack said when they were almost there and he just couldn't stand the silence anymore. "Just talk to me. I promise I'll remember. I'm feeling a lot better."


Sep. 8th, 2010 01:58 pm
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[from here

Upon further thought, maybe sparring in New Atlantis with Captain Thrace hadn't been the greatest idea.Jack had stopped at the kitchen to get some ice for his jaw and moved a little slower than usual. He was sore. He figured Thrace wasn't even as half as sore as he was. He'd landed a few good shots but nothing like her. And here he'd thought he wasn't bad. Oh, but she was good.She was trained. And, he thought, she had the benefit of being pissed off.

He came in the hut and sat down at the kitchen table with a low groan. He felt like he didn't want to move again.
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The wind had begun to howl and Jack had been out in the thick of it. It was his job to make sure people were safe. Not at the cost of his own safety, though, and as the storm really hit, Jack was nearly home. He'd entered Bohemia and was nearly to his hut when part of the roof tore off the bath house. It flew through the air, unseen in the darkness and the rain. Jack didn't see it but he felt it as the wood hit his head and took him to the ground. He passed out for a minute and woke up soaked and muddy. The bit of roof had cut his head and his collar was soaked with watered down blood as he got to his feet and got to his door. He felt awful but he knew he needed to get inside.

That was about all he knew.


Jul. 21st, 2010 10:17 pm
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Jack peeled off his clothes and toweled off with a new towel that was more dry than the one he'd used earlier. they both needed to be hung in front of the stove to dry out. He toweled down and walked into the main room stark naked and shameless about it.

"How long until coffee?" he asked, walking over to Logan and standing close. The dry heat of the stove felt good on his damp skin. "Because if it's going to take a long time, you're going to have to think up a reason for me not to put on some dry clothes."

For Logan

Jan. 28th, 2010 03:17 pm
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from here

Jack had left Logan to sulk or fume or whatever it was that he did when he was in a mood like this. There were times Jack didn't mind trying to cheer him up or pull him out of it...hell, he wasn't averse to fighting, even. But today...today it just made him tired. He'd left Logan with Linus and come home. With all the time in the world to himself, he'd played fetch with Sugar for a while and then sat down to work on some stuff for the bath house. Sugar curled up at his feet, thoroughly tired out.

He was nearly done when he realized Logan hadn't come home yet. Jack wondered for a moment if the man was going to come home at all...but put that aside. Of course Logan would come home. Eventually.

for logan

Jan. 19th, 2010 04:05 pm
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It was Sunday and now that Jack was aware of just how much it meant to Logan, he had made no plans beyond spending the day with his husband. He'd done it every week for so long he couldn't even remember when it began. One day with Sam wasn't going to ruin everything- that much he'd decided. Not that he'd let Logan know what was on his mind.

Jack woke early, like every day, and slipped out of bed carefully. He prepared a few things, darting to the compound to get what they didn't have on hand, and by the time Logan woke up, Jack was packed and ready to go. He had a duffel bag that looked like it was about as packed as it could get, and he was wearing shorts and a tank top. When Logan came out of the bedroom, Jack was sitting at the table making a bracelet with beads and pearls.

"You're up. Good morning," he said warmly. "Your breakfast is in the fridge and there's a little coffee left. I thought you might want to eat before we go."
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It was Sunday and Jack had a date. Okay, so it wasn't a date so much as it was an appointment, but that made it sound so...so business like. And with the way he was anticipating Sam's reaction, he couldn't treat this like business.

Jack went to her hut in New atlantis with a single flower in hand. That was just a formality- a nice touch. What he had planned would make that flower pale in comparison. He asked her a few questions about what she knew about black holes, dimensional barriers, and temporal theory. It was a nice conversation for the walk from her place to the spot where the blue box stood. Jack smiled at her and stepped up to the door with the key.

"It's not too late to run away. Are you sure you want to come in?" he asked.

for logan

Jan. 13th, 2010 06:53 pm
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It was an everyday thing, taking the dogs for a walk. At the pool by the waterfall, Jack had let Linus and Sugar of their leashes to let them play. For a while it was okay but then something caught Linus's eye and he took off. Jack chased after the yellow lab with Sugar close at his heel. He stopped at the mouth of the caves and called for the dog and swore under his breath at how the daned thing never obeyed him when it was important. He could do this, though. He could. Taking a deep breath and finding his spine, Jack walked into the darkness.

He felt along the wall, heading in deeper and deeper. He passed a few side caves where people lived, but there was no trace of Linus. It took forever and he went deeper and deeper. By the time fear had his stomach in knots and his balls crawled up tight to his body, he decided to leave. Trouble was, he couldn't find his way. He was lost in the dark and wasn't sure which way to go.

And even as the old fear washed over him, the thought that kept him grounded was that Logan was going to be so pissed that Jack lost his dog...


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