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Oct. 23rd, 2008 03:19 pm
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There was activity in Bohemia. Jack went out daily and cut bamboo, bringing it back and leaving it in a clear area just barely removed from the other huts. He had dug holes and sank risers to keep his new hut off the ground. Snakes and bugs, he'd gotten used to them. It didn't mean he liked them.

He had finished the platform that would be the floor by Thursday with the sporadic help of Ianto. He had drawn up rough plans, but there wasn't much art to this. He'd helped build enough to know that it was walls and a roof. He had some specific ideas he mulled over as he stood and surveyed what he'd made and what he had left to do. The main thing, the most important thing, was that it be as little like his old hut as possible.
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Fingers intertwined, Jack walked with Bagoas from the Compound to bohemia. He could feel the solid lump of the ring in his pocket, but his attention was focused on the beautiful, dark-eyed boy--man, not boy--that he'd wanted for so long. For the first time in a long time, Jack had a flutter of nervousness and a flush of excitement. He hadn't gone home with anyone new in so long, he almost wondered if he'd make mistakes like an amateur.

As if that was really possible.
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Jack had been fortunate enough to get a few books in Persian, as well as some historical texts on military movements of Persian troops. It certainly wouldn't be the most stimulating conversation for a first...what was this, anyhow? Not a date, not a lesson...not that it mattered anyhow. Jack hated quaint little labels for things.

So, he'd brushed up and grabbed a bottle of pineapple wine and two cups and stopped at Bagoas's hut to see if he'd like to go enjoy the evening with him and have some fun with other tongues.


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