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Once they'd all gotten themselves ready, Jack lead them off past the Compound, and through the jungle. He moved at a brisk pace, never having been a fan of the old addage 'the army moves as fast as its slowest member' because this wasn't a troop. This was a squadron and he knew how to keep that sort of thing going.

He had his doubts about Peter and Claude, but knew Sarah Jane, Gwen and Ianto wouldn't hesitate in a fight. It was always good to have a medic on the team and since Owen was likely needed more in the clinic, Peter was the next best option.

"Half a mile, maybe less," he called back as he came to a stop and drank a little. "Last chance to pee, drink, or run away." It was as they rested that he heard something move in the underbrush, just before a black dog emerged. "Or show up late to the party. If you're here, Fucker, you're working."

[Gathering style til they hit Dino territory. Talk to Jack, or amongst yourselves!]
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The island was shaking. The rumble and tremor woke Jack and he sat bolt upright, gasping for air. Volcano Day, and he'd forgotten to set his alarm.

He reached for House, but the man wasn't there. A cold sensation sat like a rock in his gut, and grew even harder when he noticed the cane beside the bed. House wouldn't get far without it. He climbed out of bed and took it with him out the door, looking around for the man. It was preternaturally quiet, all the birds and bugs and jungle creatures having gone silent. Foreboding was in the air and Jack trusted his instincts enough to know that something was wrong.

A cursory check of the hut lead him to believe House hadn't simply disappeared. When people did that, their things disappeared, too. He'd been here long enough to know that.

What day was it? What month was it? This had to be an island thing...last year around this time there had been a tsunami and...

"Oh, fuck me," he exhaled, returning to the interior of the hut. Tossing the cane onto the bed, he opened a trunk and pulled out clothes he rarely wore. The clothes he'd arrived in. Leather trousers, a shirt and a leather vest with useful pockets. He had the holster strapped on with the 9mm at his side and was in the process of cleaning Betsy and making her ready. He needed more people. People with guns.

Jack loaded the clips and made sure the rifle was in perfect working order while he formulated a plan. He was closing down. Growing cold and hard and ready.

And the entire time, he couldn't help but think of Dale, still running the border, looking for Sookie.

Jack found resolve. He'd find House and anyone else and bring them back.

[for gwen]

May. 15th, 2007 01:34 am
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Maybe the building crews had enjoyed their time off, but all it meant for Jack was having Stu around to keep him on the job. He'd been working sun up to sundown with Stu and Ianto and whoever else Stu happened to rope into working and today...he was taking a day off. Stu was off with his crew and Jack was so sick of construction. He was more tan, more lean and more experienced at swinging a hammer and tying knots than he really should be.

But it kept him busy. And it helped. It helped Stu and Jane, and it would help the people who arrived after it was completed. It helped him sleep well, which meant dreamless. It kept him on the edge of exhaustion which helped keep his sex drive in check. It...helped.

The only thing it didn't help was his social life. He barely saw anyone. He rarely saw Ace or Tosh or Gwen. He hadn't seen Owen in weeks. He hadn't seen anyone who mattered to him, so he took a day off and had a plan to find everyone he'd been missing.

The easiest to find was Gwen.

[for gwen]

Mar. 6th, 2007 05:37 pm
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Jack was antsy. Anticipatory. She hadn't asked him to fuck her. This wasn't just some quick tryst that didn't mean anything other than enjoying each other for a bit. No...Jack knew some things had significance above and beyond others.

And he wasn't ever accused of doing something like this wrong.

He had the record player on, softly playing Glenn Miller. He had a few candles lit around the room, the flames dancing as the sunset gave way to twilight and then to darkness. He even dressed for the the night grew cooler, he pulled on his topcoat and walked out to the balcony to wait.

[for gwen]

Feb. 6th, 2007 10:33 pm
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Jack had talked to Dream, the Lord Whatever, and as the sun dropped beneath the horizon the potential of dreaming was something he just wanted to avoid. Horrible was what the man had said, and he hadn't been off.

So, under the guise of 'pain relief', Jack had taken a joint and matches out into the grass near the treehouse and laid back to look at the stars. As he inhaled the smoke he wondered which of them he'd been to. Which of them he'd never be close to again.

[for gwen]

Jan. 6th, 2007 10:43 pm
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Jack had parked himself on the sofa in the rec room with a cup of coffee to get him to something like awake. He'd just finished and put away the newest Torchwood...that bookshelf made him want to die a thousand times sometimes. So Tosh knew his secret. His most closely guarded secret. As soon as he'd finished, he found scissors and shredded the tape into tiny pieces and fed them into the fireplace.

Details, details, details were piling up like weights on his shoulders. He really almost hoped for a catastrophe just so he'd quit thinking about himself for five minutes.


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