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Jack knew Logan hadn't wanted to be there so when he said he'd see Jack at home, Jack let him go without protest. But with Logan gone it just wasn't as fun. Yes, there were drinks. And dances. And conversation. But it lost something when Jack couldn't look over and see Logan. He loved the way his husband looked at him.

It wasn't late when he begged off the party and headed home. He was tipsy but not drunk. Just buzzed enough to feel alive and...horny. Such a juvenile term, but that was it. The Hamlet was quiet and Jack crept along the path, remembering distinctly when Logan lived here a long time ago. When sneaking into his hut after a party was just part of what they did.

He wondered if he'd be able to get into bed with Logan and kiss him awake. He wasn't sure he could be that quiet. Hell, the dogs would probably give him away.


Nov. 19th, 2010 06:48 pm
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Jack was careful and slow, though it was more so he could enjoy unwrapping Logan than taking care fo his knees and ankle. Once Logan was stripped, Jack laid him down and followed him down. He quit fooling around and caressed Logan while leaning in to kiss him.

"Totally taking advantage of you," he said against his husband's skin.


Oct. 20th, 2010 10:37 pm
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"You like when I get creative?" he asked, brushing his lips down Logan's throat. "I could get creative. You take off your clothes and I'll get creative."

Not that he had anything in mind...but something would come to him. When he had Logan naked, something always came to him.

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Jan. 28th, 2010 03:17 pm
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Jack had left Logan to sulk or fume or whatever it was that he did when he was in a mood like this. There were times Jack didn't mind trying to cheer him up or pull him out of it...hell, he wasn't averse to fighting, even. But it just made him tired. He'd left Logan with Linus and come home. With all the time in the world to himself, he'd played fetch with Sugar for a while and then sat down to work on some stuff for the bath house. Sugar curled up at his feet, thoroughly tired out.

He was nearly done when he realized Logan hadn't come home yet. Jack wondered for a moment if the man was going to come home at all...but put that aside. Of course Logan would come home. Eventually.

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Jan. 19th, 2010 04:05 pm
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It was Sunday and now that Jack was aware of just how much it meant to Logan, he had made no plans beyond spending the day with his husband. He'd done it every week for so long he couldn't even remember when it began. One day with Sam wasn't going to ruin everything- that much he'd decided. Not that he'd let Logan know what was on his mind.

Jack woke early, like every day, and slipped out of bed carefully. He prepared a few things, darting to the compound to get what they didn't have on hand, and by the time Logan woke up, Jack was packed and ready to go. He had a duffel bag that looked like it was about as packed as it could get, and he was wearing shorts and a tank top. When Logan came out of the bedroom, Jack was sitting at the table making a bracelet with beads and pearls.

"You're up. Good morning," he said warmly. "Your breakfast is in the fridge and there's a little coffee left. I thought you might want to eat before we go."

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Jan. 13th, 2010 06:53 pm
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It was an everyday thing, taking the dogs for a walk. At the pool by the waterfall, Jack had let Linus and Sugar of their leashes to let them play. For a while it was okay but then something caught Linus's eye and he took off. Jack chased after the yellow lab with Sugar close at his heel. He stopped at the mouth of the caves and called for the dog and swore under his breath at how the daned thing never obeyed him when it was important. He could do this, though. He could. Taking a deep breath and finding his spine, Jack walked into the darkness.

He felt along the wall, heading in deeper and deeper. He passed a few side caves where people lived, but there was no trace of Linus. It took forever and he went deeper and deeper. By the time fear had his stomach in knots and his balls crawled up tight to his body, he decided to leave. Trouble was, he couldn't find his way. He was lost in the dark and wasn't sure which way to go.

And even as the old fear washed over him, the thought that kept him grounded was that Logan was going to be so pissed that Jack lost his dog...

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Jan. 12th, 2010 04:50 pm
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As much as he'd liked the winter house they'd had, Jack had to admit that he liked having their normal home back. He liked it a lot. He knew just what to expect. He knew that when he opened his eyes he would see Logan, he would see the closet and the shelves, he'd see the chest of drawers. He wasn't expecting to see blue eyes and tousseled brown hair looking at him. He was just drowsy enough that he didn't recognize it for what it was and he was up like a shot, reaching instinctively for a weapon. His heart was racing and adrenaline flooded his system and he was ready for a fight.

And then he realized what he was seeing. It was just himself. It was just a mirror.

It had a little bow and card on the top that TO JACK was written on. As the panic faded, he flopped back on the bed. It was a hell of a way to meet the morning.
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Jack took hold of Logan's hand and pulled him out of the main gathering of party goers. He had little interest in putting on their coats to go for a walk so he turned away from the main doors, instead heading for the stairwell. He shot Logan a dark, knowing look before he nodded at the descending steps.

"Come on," he said. "It'll be quieter down here."
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It was after Christmas and the snow still hung on. Jack was bored without much else to do and so he suggested on a whim that he and Logan take a hike and see what their cabin looked like. Or if it was even still there. It seemed like the walk was twice as long with the snow slowing them down, but when they came into the clearing, they were faced with a gorgeous miniature castle of ice with a spire that didn't quite reach the tops of the trees. Jack smiled and caught Logan's gloved hand in his own.

"Looks cool," he joked. "Get it? Ice? Cool?"

for Logan

Dec. 1st, 2009 04:27 pm
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Jack was cold. He snuggled deeper under the covers and pressed closer to Logan, but it didn't help. His head ached and his mouth was dry so he sat up to get a drink. He was surprised by the fact that his nose was so clogged he couldn't breathe and his chest was tight. He coughed and pulled the covers up around him, unwilling to get out of bed.

"Logan," he said, pitifully congested. "Logan, I don't feel good."

He couldn't recall the last time he'd been sick. Not since he was young, that was for certain. The Time Agency had pumped him so full of vaccines and things that getting sick simply didn't happen. Ever.

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Nov. 27th, 2009 04:56 am
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Jack lead the way, escorting Logan at an easy pace. The kitchen was hot and crowded and stepping outside the compound into the cool night air was a welcome relief.

"You feeling okay?" he asked, bringing his hand to rest against the small of Logan's back.
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Jack was gathering laundry and tidying up their hut. It was a common occurrence since he was the only one who did it. He'd long ago accepted that Logan simply didn't care if they lived in chaos. Still, sometimes it would be nice to have some help rather than working while Logan laid sprawled across the furniture. He had finished gathering dirty laundry and started in on the kitchen area, washing dishes and tossing some old fruit when he realized he hadn't told Logan what Scotty had said.

"We're invited to Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow," he said. "Scotty's cooking in the kitchen. Big deal. He invited us both, specifically."

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Nov. 18th, 2009 09:49 pm
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Jack didn't sleep for hours. He'd shaken Logan a few times, rousing him just enough to check that he hadn't slipped into a coma or anything, but mainly he laid beside Logan and watched him. And he'd thought. So many 'what if' scenarios played out in his imagination, none of them good.

Eventually he fell asleep, the hours and hours of stress and worry finally getting to him. The sun streamed in through the window and he blinked against the bright light, turning away from it. Rolling against Logan, Jack forgot for one blissful moment that it wasn't like any other morning. It was a realization that, when it hit him, had him sitting up and looking at Logan. He reached out and ran his hand down the younger man's arm to try to rouse him again.


for Logan

Oct. 27th, 2009 07:07 pm
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Jack wasn't sure where Logan wanted him, precisely, so he had sank to his knees in the center of the open floor, not too close to anything else in the room. He debated where to put his hands and had finally settled on folding them in front of himself. It was a strangely modest pose.

He looked over when Logan walked in. His eyes were dark and the corner of his mouth turned up in the hint of a smile.

"Like this?" he asked quietly.

For Logan

Oct. 19th, 2009 05:31 pm
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He'd promised and he'd followed through. Jack had spent some time making a necklace for Logan. He didn't just slam it together, he had carefully chosen each shell, placed them just so, and made sure that the length was right. It couldn't be too tight, but he wanted it to be short. He wanted Logan to know what it meant when he wore it. Still, it needed to look like a simple piece of jewelry and nothing more.

It was finally finished and he laid it in a box and tied a ribbon around it before setting it on the table. Just a present. Just something only the two of them would understand.

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Oct. 7th, 2009 10:49 pm
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It hadn't escaped Jack's attention that Logan was gone a lot lately. It wasn't uncommon for the younger man to go off and do...whatever it was he did. But this was different. Logan looked sneaky and he was doing things at times that just weren't normal. It wasn't random surfing or taking Linus for a run or going to the compound. Jack really couldn't find him. And when he came home, he was quiet about what had been going on.

Jack could only come to one conclusion and it was one he didn't like. Logan was seeing someone. After all this time and all the promises, now he had a...a...a fling? A fling Jack hadn't seen coming?

Today he'd stuck close to home and waited. Just waited. Today he couldn't take it anymore.


Sep. 27th, 2009 01:25 pm
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[from here]

All he needed was Logan's assurance of that. Without thinking about much at all other than wanting to feel the other man more than he was, he caught the hem of Logan's shirt and pulled it off over his head. Jack lifted up to be able to kiss Logan again, greedy for everything he could get. The dark, the seclusion, and the noise of the waves afforded them just enough privacy that he wasn't hesitant to press for more- for everything he could get.

"Need you," he murmured against Logan's mouth. His jeans were way too tight and he itched to feel the other man's bare skin against his own. It was a feeling he was used to...and hardly aware of. It was just need.


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