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Jun. 21st, 2013 06:46 pm
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Jack had taken the princess to the children's room that morning after breakfast, leaving Logan to pack up. Savannah agreed to take the little girl home and watch her overnight now that she was over the chicken pox and Jack had given the blonde girl a strong hug of thanks. She only laughed and smacked his chest.

With the baby situation sorted out, Jack headed back to the Hamlet to see how far Logan had gotten. They'd need a shelter and bedding. Food. Comforts. Jack knew his husband didn't like roughing it. His own big contribution was a machete, a rifle, and a pair of tight black trousers.

"Aren't you ready to go yet?" he teased, knowing his pack was going to weight a ton.


Jan. 8th, 2013 06:22 pm
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From here

Jack got up and followed Logan inside, watching how he moved. He was fixated on Logan's ass as he walked but he watched the play of muscle under the skin of his back and the way his shoulders moved, too. There had been a time when Jack's attention had been fleeting and he'd bounced from one beautiful body to the next. Yet it didn't strike him as odd at all that he found his husband ridiculously attractive. his attention had never wandered from him. In Jack's eyes Logan was perfect, flaws and scars and all.

He closed the door and locked it then hurried to catch up so he could slip an arm around Logan's waist and pull him to a stop. He leaned in so he could kiss the back of the man's neck.

"Do you know how incredibly sexy you are?"


Oct. 26th, 2012 12:38 pm
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Jack was still a little drunk when he woke up from his nao and realized he needed to tell House. He left Logan and Joe in the comfort of the hut and headed for the good doctor's place, hoping to catch him there.

Jack knocked on the door and waited. Fucker came around the place from the back side and demanded attention from the onc familiar man. Jack scritched his ears and chin as he waited for House to answer so he could deliver the hard news.


Oct. 13th, 2012 08:34 pm
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Jack slipped on his great coat in the bedroom and tucked some lube into his pocket. He liked to be prepared and he didn't want to have to stop to go searching around in the work room. It took long enough that he was sure Logan had settled himself out there and then he peeked in on Joe one last time before following his husband out.

Locking the door behind him when he entered, Jack smoothed his coat, then gave Logan a dark look. He wondered for a moment just how hard he could work the man over. It had been too long and he had a lot of catching up to do.

"I was hoping I'd get you all alone," he said evenly, looking Logan over. Where to start, he wondered. There were always so many options.
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Jack woke up to the sound of a baby crying and looked around slowly. He didn't remember this mission...he didn't remember drinking last night, either, but he must have. The guy in bed beside him had to be a mark. Maybe, he thought, maybe he'd been drugged.

Pitfalls of being a Time Agent.

The place was nice if a little rustic. He got up and wandered around the house. In the other room the baby continued to cry but he paid it no mind. That wasn't his problem. His problem was that he was without his wrist strap...and his clothes. The problem was that this mission was clearly a disaster and he needed to get back without tipping off the mark in the bedroom. He'd have to do this on the fly...something he'd done too many times before. He'd collect his things and go. See the Agency doc. Figure out what was what.

And that damned baby kept on crying...


Mar. 29th, 2012 09:25 pm
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Savannah had come and taken Joe away to the Children's Room while she worked her shift. She'd promised it was no trouble at all and had gone so far as to insist that Logan needed some time with Jack. They both needed a break and that was the whole point of having the Children's Room in the first place. They had balked and Savannah wheedled a half day agreement, promising to bring the baby back to them around one, after lunch. Logan and Jack finally agreed and watched the pair leave. After a tense moment of worry had passed, Jack laid his hand on Logan's back lightly.

"After one," he said, then gave up a devilish smirk and looked at Logan with dark desire. "Do you know how much fun we could have this morning?"

Jack was nothing if not opportunistic and the very thought of having time entirely alone meant just one thing to him. One naked thing.
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Jack had banged up his band pretty good while he was building furniture for Peggy and Steve. It was par for the course, though, and so he headed for the clinic to get it bandaged up, maybe splinted just in case. He'd told Logan where he was going and then headed off to the compound, thinking for the millionth time that he'd liked living in Bohemia just because it was closer.

He was smiling as he walked into the clinic and spied House. For a moment he thought about how unpleasant this was going to be. And then he moved forward and everything just kind of shifted...

Read more... )
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It was early when Jack walked in. The sun wasn't up very high and dew still clung to the grass. He knew he was going to be in trouble. No matter how noble his intentions had been last night it didn't matter. He'd stayed out all night and had awaoken next to a naked girl and a man in a giant foam soup can costume. It was...hard to explain.

He'd left Polly wrapped in a blue tarp and Zell comforting her. Jack had bidden them farewell and had run home.

There was no way this would go well.


Feb. 5th, 2012 04:29 pm
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Time had gotten away from him. He knew House was likely sick with withdrawal after London had vanished and he himself had been so sleep deprived that it was hard to think of doing much of anything. But eventually life fell into a rhythm and Jack was feeling more comfortable with being a father.

He'd told Logan to take a nap and get some real sleep. In order for the younger man to do that Jack had packed a bag with diapers and bottles and flanel blankets and a change of clothes. Then he'd set out to go be social. He had a duty and it was time to fulfil it.

Joe needed to meet her godfather.

Jack went to House's hut and knocked on the door. He could hear Fucker inside and he waited patiently for the doctor to make his way to the door and open it for him. He had the bag on his shoulder and the baby in the sling against his chest. She was awake, wide eyed and looking around at the world going by around her. Jack thought it was good she was in a good mood. It would make a nice first impression.


Feb. 4th, 2012 12:03 pm
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[from here]

They moved slowly and quietly to their own room and then Jack shut the door. If she started crying they would hear her, he was sure of that.

With the door shut he devoted all of his attention to Logan, pulling at his shirt and lunging in to kiss him. "You taste good," he murmured. "Smell good. God, I miss you..."

There was an urgency that had nothing to do with a fear of Joe waking up and everything to do with the fact he'd been denied this for so long. Affection was fine but Jack was starving for the passion they'd once had.


Jan. 5th, 2012 12:33 pm
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Jack had to talk to House. He'd been putting it off because he wasn't exactly sure how to ask. But it was important and it needed to be done and it needed to be done now, well before the baby was born.

So Jack found himself at House's door. Fucker went nuts, barking and jumping on him.

"Hey, boy. Is he home?" Jack asked, as if the dog could answer. The dog wasn't helpful so Jack knocked on the door.


Jan. 4th, 2012 02:52 pm
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Time had ceased to matter. Day, night, it made no difference. They slept when Josephina slept, woke when she did. There was feeding and changing, dressing and watching. That first night Jack didn't sleep at all. He just watched her as if his constant gaze was all that was keeping her breathing.

A few days now and they'd fallen into a routine. Oh, they should probably try to work toward an awake during the day asleep during the night pattern but right now they were all just getting to know one another. It was a miracle was what it was. After waiting for so long, after all the worries and fears and work, the baby was here and they were a complete family.


Dec. 22nd, 2011 08:27 pm
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Jack's mailbox
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Christmas morning was one of the best days of the year. Jack woke early and rolled onto his side. Logan wasn't a morning person but it was Christmas and there were presents. There was an ornately decorated Christmas tree. There were cookies that Jack had gotten from a bakery. Cookies for breakfast was a totally valid choice on Christmas morning.

He watched Logan sleep until he couldn't stand waiting anymore. Jack began to pet him and push him, just trying to get him to wake up.

"Logan, it's Christmas. Wake up," he said softly. This would be their last Christmas together, just the two of them. Next year there would be three of them. Unless, of course, Savannah had the baby today...but the odds of that were high. But for now it was them and they had their own traditions.

A tradition that had Jack absolutely impatient.

"Logan...come on."
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Jack was used to snow. He was accustomed to the month of December transforming the island into a wintery wonderland. This was a whole different animal, though. The island itself was gone. It had taken a bit of exploring but Jack had seen enough landmarks and sculptures in parks to realize this wasn't just a city- this was London. London during the reign of Victoria. It was crowded and close and it seemed there were extra people, but he could only just see them. They clearly weren't new people who he could meet and get to know.

It was bizarre.

That morning he'd woken up early, made Logan breakfast, and then got his husband to agree to some exploring Dressed well for the weather, Jack took Logan out and they headed down the streets. There were homes and there were parks and there were shops to see. Candy, clothes, ladies' amusements. It was fantastic.

"A hat shop," Jack said brightly. "Let's go in. We should both get hats."

He was just so excited to experience everything that it was hard to deny him.


Sep. 25th, 2011 06:21 pm
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Simple this month.

I started school but I have an online class and thesis credits so it's not like I'm overwhelmed. As if school ever really impacts my RP anyway. It seems like I RP more than normal when I have deadlines and such.

Plugging along. Getting ready for the baby. Nervous. They've picked names and he and Logan are getting to a point where they talk and don't fight. Jack's had a couple petulant little fits of jealousy which are stupid and he knows it. Other than that he's just Jack. I need to do more with him. I completely missed the theme night post, not sure why. Maybe I was too busy with Savannah and Dodge. But whatever. He'll get an EP around the first of the month. Oh, and he's teaching Jewelry Making II with Effy and Rachel Grey. If either of you would like to know how to make something specifically just say so. Jack's got a shit ton of tools and skills. Otherwise you'll learn the proper way to drill a pearl and you'll get to smelt gold to make yourself a band. Oh how I love Maid Marion's lost gold in the jungle. Jack always has a few gold coins on hand.
Halloween plot: So in for this.
Needs threads with: Always Logan, Chase, Jane, The Doctor, House (House plot ftw? Can't wait for this), Daphne, and since I've failed at socializing him as much as I used to- everyone else.

Is pregnant. Very pregnant. She's starting her third trimester and is about to get a little bitchy as she is uncomfortable and heartburny and she can't have the ONE thing she's really craving which is a diet coke. Otherwise she's good. Taking over the children's office has given her purpose. I'm already thinking ahead and she's going to get a horse of her own for NDPD because I reread the book and she really needs a horse of her own. It's a critical part of her being IC that she ride every day. I have also made a few decisions about her labor and I'm going to be mean and give her a real labor scenario. I'm going to need...mmm, let's say 3 doctors to be involved in this. Yeah, that'll be good. Also, who wants to deliver a baby at the end of the year? And finally, Melly and I are picking at a thread with Savannah and Mace that is turning out to be a little bit harder than I'd anticipated but it's something she REALLY needs to admit to herself and to someone else so it's good. Yay growth.
Halloween plot: Likely sitting that one out.
Needs threads with: Logan, Kon, Mace, Boyd, Salvatore, parents of kids, and for my own wicked amusement I'd like to thread her with both House and Neil while she's still pregnant.

It amazes me how many tags he gets. He's so not a social or outgoing pup but he's learning how to open up and live life as something other than a junkie or a whore. It's taken him almost a whole year to just get to this point. I love his slow blooming. I love his new EP. I love the random thievery from Castle's class. I love the halting reading aloud to Lily. I love his offer to teach the Artful Dodger the alphabet and how to write his name. That's about the extent of Dodge's teaching abilities LOL. In fact, I really love the two of them together. I had thought Dodge might be creeped out by someone so similar and yet he's actually really taken with Dodger. He feels like he can be himself and not get judged. I still need to get him a job, maybe at the winchester or the catscratch club or some other grunt work job. He's come to realize he needs something to do because smoking pot is getting boring.
Halloween plot: Hells yes.
Needs threads with: My god, he's GOT threads with everyone! LOL. Everyone in his EP, Daphne so he can get her stoned again, Neil so he can maybe get a job, Mitchell, Are we going to have an AA post? I'd like to do one of those. Um...just everyone.


Sep. 5th, 2011 06:44 pm
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[day after this]

He'd taken the dog without consulting Logan and had gotten rid of it just the same. Loki was with a good home with someone who could give the dog more love and attention than Jack could, plus she wouldn't have to compete with any other dogs. It was a good deal and had made a boy happy.

Now all Jack had to worry about was if he was going to be Logan's next ex-husband. It had eaten at him all day, all night, every moment he wasn't throwing himself into work- and half the time when he was. End it. Jack acted like a bachelor...did he? Did he really? He had devoted himself to this marriage and to making it work. He adapted and changed and he knew Logan well enough that he could almost predict his moods. But sometimes those moods came out of left field and they left Jack reeling. Was he so wrong? Was he really so awful at this? Was he really just not cut out for being a husband? The longer he thought about it, the more he began to doubt himself. Maybe he was conning Logan, conning himself. Maybe it was the biggest lie he'd ever told, his insistence that he could actually be a better man. That he could be a husband and a father and something more than what he was. Maybe it was the biggest lie anyone had ever told. Maybe he hadn't really changed at all.

Or maybe he simply hadn't changed enough, or changed fast enough, and now Logan had reached the end of his rope. Jack couldn't say he was surprised. He'd been waiting for three years for Logan to wake up and realize that Jack was no prize. Hell, he wouldn't be the first person to leave...not vanish...actually leave him behind. The Time Agency had left him in the wind. The Doctor and Rose had gone of and left him behind.

Too many thoughts. Jack heaved a sigh and pulled off his shirt, sweating and filthy as he continued to work on the hut, their hut. He'd complete it no matter what. Make it ready for a baby.

Even if he wasn't around by the time the baby came.


Sep. 4th, 2011 12:03 pm
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Jack had decided to do it in one go and had borrowed what was a cross between a cart and a wheelbarrow. He'd loaded in his crate of rifles, John's guns, and had taken Logan's Colt and headed to the compound. He made it to the main doors and then stopped, puzzlin gout how he was going to get everything in to IPD custody. He didn't want the guns in their home. They'd talked about lockup before the baby came and had agreed on the workshop, but with Logan so down, Jack didn't want any guns in the house. He knew Logan and there were times the younger man was prone to doing risky, stupid things. It was just a precaution and they could always get them back out for hunting or whatever.

The problem was he couldn't carry the whole crate. He couldn't get the cart into the compound. That left the options of getting help or taking the guns in a few at a time and he didn't like the idea of just leaving them out here. He knew how well it had gone over when they'd been moving and the gelignite had been left out. But that seemed to be the only option. He opened the crate and pulled out one of the Carbines and then saw someone else.

"Hey," he said warmly. "Can I get a little help?"


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