Oct. 1st, 2008

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Jack had been searching the corridors and rooms for...he didn't know how long. When he came across food, he ate it and when he was tired he had lain down in a place that was as lovely as the butterfly atrium had been. He never did find that again, which was kinda tragic, but he was too busy searching. He'd forgotten all about his lunch and the repairs. He'd forgotten the Doctor's warning that he needed to be careful or he'd walk out a month later and think only a few days had passed. He'd forgotten any responsibilities or friends he had on the island...not forgotten entirely, but it just seemed like they wouldn't be bothered if he was gone for a while. He had something to do. Something consuming. Something important. The TARDIS needed him and he could help. He could make her better.

As he looked down the deep shaft that continued on in inky darkness, down and down into what could be anything, Jack knew that was where he needed to go. He needed to get down in there, no matter how long it took. He circled the giant hole and tried to find a way past the barricade, the decided that the best course of action was to simply climb over. He could jump in and get to the bottom faster. He'd fix her with his bare hands or die trying.

He'd already died once and come back thanks to the TARDIS and Rose. He wasn't afraid. Death was just a do-over.


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