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Hunter was utterly pliant, breath catching as fingers brushed his skin, groaning as Jack's mouth found his again. This all felt fucking awesome, but there was one problem; Hunter had no idea what he was supposed to be doing. His experience consisted of tricks (who were pretty much interested in getting their money's worth and moving on) and girls who were just as unexperienced with the innocent making out part as he was. And Maureen, but that had pretty much just been some amazing sex and that was all. This was different, and Hunter didn't know if he was supposed to be touching Jack back or taking off his pants or...what. All he knew for sure was when Jack kissed him he was sure as fuck returning that.

The kiss lingered and the minutes ticked by, but Jack barely noticed. He was consumed with finding just where to touch, and how. Focused on Hunter's lips and his tongue. More interested in the angles and curves of the lean, young body.

And he only became more interested when he got the impression that Hunter wasn't entirely sure what to do. Sure, he wasn't a virgin, but Jack had sort of assumed he'd do what felt good. His hand stopped roaming and he caught Hunter's wrist, bringing his hand against Jack's chest. "You can touch me if you want to," he murmured against the kiss. "Or can lay back and let me do everything..."


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