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Birthdate:Nov 29
Captain Jack Harkness, omni-sexual and rampant flirt, was born in the 51st century, either on an earth colony. He was a Time Agent, but he left after they wiped two years of his memory, becoming a conman, devoted to screwing over the Time Agency at every turn.

Jack's a kind of unique guy. He thinks of himself as a conman, and he wonders if the missing memories are something bad, wonders if he's trustworthy. He flirts with pretty much anything with a hole, regardless of gender or species. He is very sensitive to (as in, aware of) people's feelings and reactions (it's what made him an excellent conman), and he genuinely cares about people. He is intensely loyal to those whom he considers his friends, and tends towards the protective to those whom he thinks need protecting. He would never deliberately hurt someone, unless they deserved it.

There is a definite dangerous, ruthless streak beneath that charm, but it rarely sees the light of day. He's good with mechanics, with machines, and excellent in a fight. If he respects the person giving them, he's very good at following orders; if not, well, he'll tend to go his own way. He finds himself on Tabula Rasa following his battle with the Daleks in "The Parting of the Ways."


Black leather trousers
White t-shirt
Black leather vest
Black combat boots
White cotton socks
White boxer briefs
Compact laser delux sonic blaster (battery empty)
wallet containing one sheet of slightly psychic paper
Small gold key that doesn't open anything on the island

Captain Jack Harkness belongs to Russell T. Davis and his version of Doctor Who and John Barrowman belongs to himself. This journal is for roleplaying purposes at [info]the_blank_slate. The player of this character is legally an adult.

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