Sep. 16th, 2006 03:00 pm
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Jack had made his way back, gasping and falling, wishing he could scream every time he moved his arm. With Faramir gone, he'd taken the opportunity to get out of the restraints. He'd tried a few times, but by the time the pain in his shoulders seemed worth a little more, he strained and pulled until he felt his shoulder pull out of the socket. It hurt, fuck, it hurt...but it was just one more pain to go with the rest of the abuse. He'd undone the bindings around his ankles, then pulled out his gag and gotten his hands free.

He stumbled through the darkness, his right arm against the wall. Following the wall will get you out. He was so far beyond delirious that Rose may as well have been walking right behind him. He stumbled a few times, no sound escaping as he hit his knees and tore the scabs open again and again. By the time he reached the entrance and saw the jungle, he oriented himself.

Then he ran.

Rose followed along, need a doctor, Jack. Get to the clinic. I'll keep you alive, but you need help. Don't panic. He ran with her words driving him on, but by the time he reached the compound he was exhausted. He couldn't breathe, his arm throbbed in a dull mockery of his heartbeat, and his knees gave out at the doorway to the rec room. At least he was close. He was here. Someone would come along to help.
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Jaime tipped his head back, groaning softly as Jack kept kissing, sucking, and touching him. He really had been missing out when he had opted to remain faithful to a whore. He rather wished Westeros had more men like Jack and Brian. He suspected faithfulness would not have been an issue then. His fingers brushed over Jack's jaw and then moved up to card through the other man's hair as he watched Jack's hands.

"I am certainly offering you whatever you want of me," he murmured after a moment or two.

Jack paused and looked up at Jaime for a moment, then flicked his fly open with barely any pressure and had his trousers open a heartbeat later. He leaned in, letting his hand slip inside, stroking Jaime with slow, firm pressure as he kissed him slowly. His lips curved into a smile during the kiss and he whispered, "Why don't we do what you want of me, Jaime? Tell me. Tell me what you'd like," he whispered.


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