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Nov. 9th, 2007 09:51 pm
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This is not an EP, I just don't have the energy. However, threads need to happen between Harkness and The Doctor (with a bit of Chase to solve that puzzle), Cuddy, Daniel and Ianto (together or seperate), Ace, and always House. So...top level and we'll thread and that way they'll all be in a tidy bundle for me to NOT DROP!

Jack was there, at the door. Waiting. He wasn't quite what to sure, or how long it had been, but ever since Halloween he had either been smoking pot ot House had been shooting him up with something to keep the dreams under control. He didn't know where to turn, so he played an insane game of ring-around-the-rosies and it had lead him to this door.

Now all he needed was an idea of what to say.
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He'd talked to House. That was...what was today? He'd talked to House on Monday. That had to be days ago.

Jack was in his hut. He'd been there...days, maybe. He had some water, and he'd eaten something. Maybe a while ago, he couldn't remember.

Is this what it was to have a broken heart? Had he done this to people? Had he done this to people all over time and space?

Had he done this to people here?

Fuck it. Jack rolled over and pulled the sheet up over his face. If anyone needed him, they'd know where to find him or who to ask. It's not like he was going anywhere.

[dual duty because I'm lazy. this is for ace, cuddy and the doctor. he's still not talking, so I'm really sorry if these go short or die.]

[for lisa]

Nov. 19th, 2006 05:10 pm
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He'd seen her that morning and had spent the day wondering what she had on her mind. It was something important, he was sure of it. He'd made sure his room was in order, pillows and blankets and a lamp for when it got dark. All it was missing was the girl, so he returned to the compound to find Lisa.

Somehow he had a feeling it would be an evening full of surprises.
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The nice thing about time was it just kept moving along, putting things in the past where they could be easily compartmentalized and forgotten. It also meant there was a future to look forward to.

A future like today...he'd been thinking about it since he spoke to Lisa. He did the thoughtful thing and put the speedo on under his jeans and went to collect her and take her to the south part of the island. He had promised her a pearl and he knew just where to look.

But he didn't cook, nor did he bring any food. Just a blanket over his arm as he lead her to the pretty stretch of beach near the new oyster bed he'd found. He had his knife and his mesh bag and a smile warmer than the sun. This whole date thing was actually sort of...nice. He'd have to try it more often.


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