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Aug. 20th, 2009 02:45 pm
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From the moment he began to edge out of sleep, Jack knew something was wrong. First off, he didn't wear leather pants to bed. He also didn't sleep upright, or with a gun digging into his side. He had a feeling he knew what was going on before he even opened his eyes. When he did, he knew just where he was.

The Game Station.

Satellite 5.

He looked down and noted he was wearing just what he'd had on when he'd arrived on the beach. What he'd worn in that final fight. He got to his feet and brushed off the dust, then looked around. This couldn't be real. He couldn't have come back. This had to be like Neptune, he was sure. Something like that. He and Logan were probably still safely in bed back in their hut.

Except he didn't see Logan. He didn't see anyone. The place was as silent as a grave. Not even the sound of the TARDIS. That thought roused him the rest of the way and Jack started to run. If he had come back, maybe this time he'd have a chance to catch the Doctor. He dashed down the hall and burst into the control room. There was no blue police box...but this time, there were people.

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Sep. 14th, 2007 12:55 am
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It had been a year. Jack was keenly aware of the date as it approached and if anything, he'd been even more outgoing, more cheerful, and more flirtatious. Until Saturday morning. Saturday he became quiet, almost sullen, and he told House he was going for a walk. His walk took him onto the smaller mountain, away from everyone. He just needed to be alone.

A year ago was when everything changed.

He sat in silence all day, just thinking, and when he returned to the hut, he sat on the porch with Padfoot's head on his knee, quietly petting him. He didn't sleep, although he'd told Greg he'd be to bed soon. Instead, he stayed up until the sun brightened the eastern sky and then he got up and started to walk. He needed to do something for himself. He needed to try.

He made it to the path where he'd encountered Faramir, but as he approached the caves his steps grew heavier, slower. If he hadn't followed...if he hadn't been so willing to be in the man's bed...if he hadn't...

If he had fought harder, if he had kept his wits, if he had only...

If he looked, he could still see the faintly lighter skin around his wrists where the burn scars didn't tan quite as dark. If he thought, he could still taste the rum and the smoke and the filthy rag in his mouth. If he thought, if he could just stop thinking, he'd gone a year without really thinking about it at all.

He was at the mouth of the cave when he turned around and his steps became lighter, faster, until he was running and running and he didn't stop until he was on a familiar porch of a familiar hut. A place that had been safe for so long after...A place where, when he woke screaming, it was Dale beside him and no one else.

It had been a year. A year to the day, and with the sun barely over the horizon, Jack rasied a trmbling hand and knocked.

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Jan. 14th, 2007 03:16 am
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Sunday morning dawned clear and hot. The temperature crept higher and finally Jack made his way to the beach. Everyone was so concerned, but he couldn't assure them he was okay, or that he'd be okay. He just knew Ace had helped, as had the Doctor and House, and now it was in his hands. He just had to come to terms with who he was and would be, and who he is here and now.

He sat on his favorite rock tossing pebbles and watching the ripples in the water be swallowed by the waves and thinking, although his thoughts were scattered and jumped from one problem to another at random. For every problem, he tossed another pebble.

He was pretty sure he'd run out of those before he ran out of problems.

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Nov. 16th, 2006 04:43 am
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He had a bed and his own room. He had the Doctor and House and Ace and everyone and didn't even really need it, but it was nice to go in and close the door and...and feel guilty for being alone in a place where everyone could really use something that he could give, whether it was a smile or conversation or sex or just a warm body. His own bed offered nothing like peace because it was too new and it was empty; it barely smelled like Jack, let alone anyone else.

With all that in mind, he left without a word. He just needed to get away. Get away from anyone he had to be on for. Anyone who needed Jack to be fine. He wasn't fine and chips and cracks were starting to appear.

As he sat on the beach watching the sunset, all he could think about was how much he wanted to just be able to leave. Go somewhere. Cuddy had asked him about home...only one place felt like that and he'd left that behind. Sure, he had an open invitation, but how weird would that be, he thought as he tossed pebbles into a tide pool just to watch the sparkle of apricot light dance on the ripples.
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Showered and sated from the day at the beach, Jack left Eric and headed off to Dale's hut with a bounce in his step. He'd gotten some clarity, and not just from the sex. It was the intimacy and the friendship...and talking to River had gotten him thinking about things he hadn't thought he needed on the island. But maybe having a plan wasn't so bad.

But not tonight. Tonight he and Dale would drink some wine, play some cards, and hopefully had gotten all the deep, meaningful things out of the way so they could just have a nice night together.

Platonic life partners. Just the idea made Jack smile.


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