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They both knew that there was no card game. No game of chance at all, in fact. Just Jack's hands moving slowly across her back and stolen kisses on the way back to his hut. Helen knew the game just as well and that alone was enough to make him smile. Nothing to chance, even if the subtle agreement and verbal subterfuge were vaguely anyone without eyes to see just how much closed doors were necessary for the two. Two until they reached the door of his hut. Jack grinned at her, then turned that grin on John.

Game on.
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NC-17, game canon, rough edit chat log not for comm linking

Jack and John at home )

[for John]

Jun. 30th, 2008 05:36 am
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--Dated Sunday, June 22nd--

Jack's days were full. Task Force on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays, from morning until they were done. He went to pick coffee on Tuesdays. He was busy Thursdays working with the few people who had agreed to Swing dance for Alcuin's class. And Fridays were always for diving. Granted, he was generally done by midday, but with the work he did and the socializing, he often didn't go back to the hut until dark. If at all.

Some days found him in someone else's bed entirely.

Not today, though. Last night he'd been exhausted and dropped into bed and slept well past dawn. It was only the late morning heat that woke him up and had him on the porch of his hut drinking stale night-before water and wondering just where in the hell the other Agent had gone. A quick look at his wrist strap told him it couldn't be far. Not when there was a blue dot on a tiny screen that he could retrolog and get exact coordinates...if he wanted to.


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