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The wily hunter trotted through Bohemia with a small velvet corpse in her mouth. Her person hadn't been feeding her as much and she'd taken to hunting for herself now that she had sharp teeth and claws. She had taken to hunting for him as well when he was home. He had been home for a long time (for him) and there was a growing pile of gifts on the floor next to the hammock. He was a big man and two voles, three mice, a large beetle, a small snake and this new bit of vermin would make a nice meal for him.

Jack didn't notice Dulcita or her efforts to feed him. He'd been laying in the hammock since he had gotten done with the ITF. He'd been fine the day before, all strength and calm in the wake of Tosh and Jackson vanishing. He'd been a rock for Ianto as he'd been for the Doctor when Gwen vanished and for Logan when Cutter was gone. He'd been fine all night and all morning as he pushed himself hard, past the point of thought. But then he came home and he knew he wasn't fine. People came back, it was a fact of this place. Sarah Jane had gone and returned. Wilson had come and gone a few times. There was always a chance, he knew, that people could come back. Yeah, sure, they'd be different and not recall what had happened before, but they'd be here. Gwen might come back. Owen could return. Tosh might show up again.

But Jackson wouldn't. Jackson had been born here to two people from specific points when they broke from their timelines. Even if Tosh and Owen returned, the boy would always be gone. He was a victim of time and place. Jack wondered if, perhaps, he had remained with Tosh, if she was maybe in some alternate plane from what the reels showed. It was a nice thought, but he didn't think it was the way things went. Not here.

That was when he stopped being fine and started being stoned. He lay in his hammock with the shell on his chest, joints tucked into his breast pocket, and a lighter laying on his stomach. The air was hot and Jack was disappointed that he'd fallen back into this. It had been months. Months with some very hard losses, yet he'd soldiered on. He had been better. He had been fine. It wasn't until the little boy with his name who had only learned to walk and talk was gone that the fractures broke apart. He had until Wednesday to pull himself back together. By the next session of drills, he'd be fine again. All he needed was a little time, a lot of pot...and apparently a pile of carcasses from the cat that had climbed the steps and added another to the pile.
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Jack was surprised when he first saw that the doctor had declined the council bid, but then he looked down the list and had seen his own name. Maybe it was a blessing in disguise. If the Doctor wasn't running, Jack was perfectly willing to step up.

He'd grabbed a sandwich and gone out front of the compound to eat. He'd been so busy for the past few weeks that now it seemed like he had nothing to do. Spare time was just something that got him in trouble. Maybe running for council could fill that vacuum.

Maybe he should ask the Doctor exactly what he was getting himself into.
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Jack had been searching the corridors and rooms for...he didn't know how long. When he came across food, he ate it and when he was tired he had lain down in a place that was as lovely as the butterfly atrium had been. He never did find that again, which was kinda tragic, but he was too busy searching. He'd forgotten all about his lunch and the repairs. He'd forgotten the Doctor's warning that he needed to be careful or he'd walk out a month later and think only a few days had passed. He'd forgotten any responsibilities or friends he had on the island...not forgotten entirely, but it just seemed like they wouldn't be bothered if he was gone for a while. He had something to do. Something consuming. Something important. The TARDIS needed him and he could help. He could make her better.

As he looked down the deep shaft that continued on in inky darkness, down and down into what could be anything, Jack knew that was where he needed to go. He needed to get down in there, no matter how long it took. He circled the giant hole and tried to find a way past the barricade, the decided that the best course of action was to simply climb over. He could jump in and get to the bottom faster. He'd fix her with his bare hands or die trying.

He'd already died once and come back thanks to the TARDIS and Rose. He wasn't afraid. Death was just a do-over.
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Dated Augst 22nd

Jack was halfway beneath the console and elbow deep in wiring. The was no better place to be. He hummed one of the tunes from Anything Goes while he capped off connections and noted that the lights got just a little bit brighter With any luck, this would stabilize the power fluctuations that had been plaguing the ship ever since the computer banks had compensated. Jack refused to believe the open ship was a whim of the island. This place, in his opinion, was untouchable. She was a niche of the universe so far above the random phenomena that was this fucking island.

He heard footsteps which wasn't all that unusual. Not many people had keys, but it wasn't as if he expected to be alone in the console room.

"I'm over here," he called, just to let whoever it was know that they weren't alone, either. He didn't bother to climb out, though...he had one more connection to complete.
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Jack had wandered until twilight fell and it started to become difficult to see. He hadn't paid much attention to where he had been walking...paths. The well worn paths kept him fairly safe. He wasn't lost, he was just walking. Thinking.


He looked up and around, getting his bearings, and he saw the unmistakable outline of the Doctor's treehouse. When he'd first had the problems with his memory after Adria, he'd gone to the Doctor for answers. Now...he didn't need answers. Walking and thinking had helped things fall into place. This wasn't like when people disappeared. He hadn't gone immediately to smoke or drink this away. He didn't want to forget. He'd buried the memory for so long...now, he just needed time.

There was no one he could think of other than the Doctor who could help with that.

[for many]

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This is not an EP, I just don't have the energy. However, threads need to happen between Harkness and The Doctor (with a bit of Chase to solve that puzzle), Cuddy, Daniel and Ianto (together or seperate), Ace, and always House. So...top level and we'll thread and that way they'll all be in a tidy bundle for me to NOT DROP!

Jack was there, at the door. Waiting. He wasn't quite what to sure, or how long it had been, but ever since Halloween he had either been smoking pot ot House had been shooting him up with something to keep the dreams under control. He didn't know where to turn, so he played an insane game of ring-around-the-rosies and it had lead him to this door.

Now all he needed was an idea of what to say.
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Thursday evening after dinner, Jack decided maybe he should have some idea of what the plans were for joining the rooms of the treehouse. It had gone up okay, but rennovations might be a little more complex than building from the start.

It wasn't where he lived anymore, so he knocked...and waited.
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Jack had been given a couple bottles of wine, the last of the old batch, from that dark haired man who never took off his glasses. He had his suspicions there was more to it than a kind gesture, but he wasn't about to pass it up.

He took them both to the waterfall to chill in the cold water and watched the stars for a while before he opened the first bottle. It was a nice night for a change, and he'd been having it relatively easy lately. A celebratory drink...deserved a song. He sang softly, something he'd heard years ago that had stuck with him. He didn't even remember what all the words meant in that language, but it was pretty.
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Jack had most of the pieces cut and was lining them up in the field near Stu and Jane's. He really didn't want to be helping with this, but he'd promised and it gave him something to do besides worry about Mimi or dwell on House.

He stopped to drink, wiping his face and neck with the shirt he'd long since taken off and laid aside.
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He'd talked to House. That was...what was today? He'd talked to House on Monday. That had to be days ago.

Jack was in his hut. He'd been there...days, maybe. He had some water, and he'd eaten something. Maybe a while ago, he couldn't remember.

Is this what it was to have a broken heart? Had he done this to people? Had he done this to people all over time and space?

Had he done this to people here?

Fuck it. Jack rolled over and pulled the sheet up over his face. If anyone needed him, they'd know where to find him or who to ask. It's not like he was going anywhere.

[dual duty because I'm lazy. this is for ace, cuddy and the doctor. he's still not talking, so I'm really sorry if these go short or die.]
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After Chase...after Ace...Jack was ready to get out before anyone else saw her. Being on the second floor somewhat hindered that as she stood and looked at the Doctor's door. She wondered for a moment if he was the same, or if he'd gotten...feminized.

She knocked gently and called out against the door, her voice a velvety breath. "Doctor? Are you in there?"

[Preplay Genderswitch. Timed to Saturday morning]
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Jack left the clinic and went to the basement showers. He had no idea how long he stood there, washing away the blood and the dirt and the sweat and the worry. Gwen would be okay. She had to be.

The one very nice thing about the showers here was they never went cold...or they hadn't any time Jack had ever been in them.

A quick scrub and he left his bloody jeans behind in the waste bin, opting for the towel and M-16 ensemble as he walked in to pick something new and sensible from the clothes box. Something told him it was going to be a long day.
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Thursday was a spectacular day. Not too hot, not too humid, the sky was a gorgeous blue and the breeze stirred the air just enough. Jack woke with the sun and was finishing up the cutting of the treads. He had a pile of bamboo cut to length for spindles and he'd selected the nearby tree he'd use for the center support. Now all he needed was to assemble the spiral staricase up twenty feet or so, and then fix the landing so the short bridge would tie on.

Sometimes he was really happy with the bookshelf.
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Conversation has OOG knowledge, but the splitting up is an IG fact.

Jack and The Doctor Part Ways )
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What a fucking day. Jack came back to his room and did the right thing, letting others have his bed. Tosh. Gwen. Ianto. They were going to need more rooms or something.

But tonight he was worn down and raw. He'd had enough honesty for one night. Right now he could just go for the right kind of Doctor.
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Jack had gotten Ianto and Gwen tucked in for the night and warmed up by the fire before heading upstairs. He entered the Doctor's room quietly, just watching him sleep for a minute before stripping down and sliding into bed beside him. "Hey," he whispered. "Wake up?"
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Jack went back to the treehouse after the lab. He couldn't figure out how he was going to handle the look of disappointment in Lisa's eyes, couldn't stand the thought of House telling him how stupid it was to have even tried. And the Doctor...fuck.

Just fuck.

He laid on the sofa, which still smelled faintly of Ianto, and watched the fire burn lower. He should get up and toss another log on. He should get up and do something. Anything. Thinking this over a hundred times wasn't going to change the fact that he was different than he had been before.
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[continued from here]

Jack grinned and lead the Doctor off down the hall and down to the basement. Off the storage room was an alcove he knew, perfect for creative bending.

Here okay?" he asked as fingers moved to the Doctor's fly.
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"Oh, I plan to," he said and leaned in to kiss him again, soap-slick skin making his body glide against the Doctor's.
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His high was wearing off by the time Jack returned to the treehouse. Tomorrow was the play and he was still sore even after the rubdown. Mostly he just wanted...he didn't even know what he wanted anymore. He kind of wanted a martini, but that wasn't going to happen.


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