Sep. 4th, 2011


Sep. 4th, 2011 12:03 pm
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Jack had decided to do it in one go and had borrowed what was a cross between a cart and a wheelbarrow. He'd loaded in his crate of rifles, John's guns, and had taken Logan's Colt and headed to the compound. He made it to the main doors and then stopped, puzzlin gout how he was going to get everything in to IPD custody. He didn't want the guns in their home. They'd talked about lockup before the baby came and had agreed on the workshop, but with Logan so down, Jack didn't want any guns in the house. He knew Logan and there were times the younger man was prone to doing risky, stupid things. It was just a precaution and they could always get them back out for hunting or whatever.

The problem was he couldn't carry the whole crate. He couldn't get the cart into the compound. That left the options of getting help or taking the guns in a few at a time and he didn't like the idea of just leaving them out here. He knew how well it had gone over when they'd been moving and the gelignite had been left out. But that seemed to be the only option. He opened the crate and pulled out one of the Carbines and then saw someone else.

"Hey," he said warmly. "Can I get a little help?"


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